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ASADAL INTERNET, INC. started its business in Seoul Korea in February 1998 with the fundamental goal of providing better internet services to the world. ASADAL stands for the "morning land" in ancient Korean. Asadal has about 35 staffs including well experienced web designers, programmers, and server engineers. The CEO and President, Mr. Suh, studied game theory and statistics in the Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester in New York. Asadal was originated from Korea but the eyes are open to the world.

Asadal has been running one of the biggest domain and web hosting sites in Korea since May 1998. More than 3,000,000 people have visited our website,, for domain registration, web hosting, web programming, and homepage building services. We are very proud that our site has been cited several times by many newspapers, magazines, and books all over the world.

We have registered more than 100,000 gTLD domain names such as .COM, .NET, and .ORG. We provide real-time domain registrations, renewals, transfers, free parking and free forwarding services. We are providing web hosting services to more than 15,000 companies. Our staffs are ready to answer any questions on the phone and on the web for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. These are the reasons why we became one of the biggest domain and web hosting companies in Korea.

1. CEO and President: Chang N. Suh,
2. Company Name: ASADAL, Inc.
3. Business Address:
    - 8F, A-Dong Woolim Lions Valley, 371-28 Gasan-dong Geumcheon-gu
4. City: Seoul, Zip Code: 150-834, Country: Republic of Korea
5. Telephone and Fax number: Phone: +82-2-2026-2000, Fax: +82-2-2026-2009


   Historty of Asadal, Inc.

1998. 02. Established asadal

1998. 03. Opened the

1998. 05. Opened the

1998. 06. Opened the

1998. 06. Opened the

1999. 02. Beginning domain registration

1999. 07. Opened the

1999. 08. Opened the

2000. 01. Opened the

2000. 06. Opened the

2000. 08. Opened the

2001. 02. Opened the

2001. 09. Developed and distributed the AsaStat, the connection statistics program

2001. 10. Developed and distributed the AsaBoard, the automatic multipurpose board

2001. 12. Integrated and reformed the

2002. 03. Acquired and Merged the INTERPIA98.NET from the Internet Empire, Inc.

2002. 07. Accredited as the Official Registrar of the .KR domain names

2002. 12. Acquired and Merged the ICANN accredited registrar, DOMAINRG.COM

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